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Top of the West Ranch Horse Sale:

The Equine Boosters of MSU hold an annual horse sale each spring.  This sale began in 2007 with MSU class horses, and the Equine Boosters of MSU partnered with Headwaters Livestock in 2009 to expand the sale to a cataloged ranch horse sale.  The Top of the West Ranch Horse Sale includes horses which have been donated to MSU Colt Breaking and Training Classes by producers not only from around Montana, but beyond.  Students in MSU training courses have worked with these young horses for 2 semesters.  The proceeds from the sale of these horses are given back to the Equine Boosters. By purchasing a horse at the sale, you are supporting the Equine Boosters of MSU and the Equine Science program at Montana State University.  Tell all your friends and come on down to the sale! 

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Donate a Horse:

Bob Hanson of Montana Horse Company, White Sulphur Springs, MT, originated the "Donate a Horse" program to build support for the MSU Equine Science program by giving students the "hands on" opportunity to learn the science, economics and skills needed to train and market horses.  Support the MSU Equine Science Program while promoting your business by donating a quality horse to the Colt Breaking and Training Classes and Top of the West Ranch Horse Sale.

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Monetary Donations:


Monetary or cash donations may also be made directly to the Equine Boosters of MSU by contacting Diana Bailey, current treasurer.